Important Dates & To-Do's

Below is a list of dates that our partners should be aware of and sharing broadly with their teachers, administration, and students (where appropriate).  

Yearly Events

Late September:  Counselor Encounter 

Mid-October:  IGNITE Your Future and CTE Works! Summit

Mid-February:  Skills Fest 

Late April:  Regional Career Exploration Day 



Scrubs Camp 

Annual Meetings

Late-October:  Mid Minnesota Governance 

Early February:  Mid Minnesota Governance 

Yearly Paperwork

Every year, each high school within the consortium are asked to submit the following documents:

Survey of Needs (also known as the Local Planning Document)

DUE:  April 15th

Why April 15th:  We know this feels VERY early.  But here's why:  this document allows us to plan in advance to try to accommodate as many requests as we can when we plan our budget.  Our projected budget is due each year on May 1st for the upcoming fiscal year.  We want to advocate for your school and projected needs.  If we don't get a plan from you, we can't do that.  Help us, help you!

Schools who meet the April 14th deadline will receive priority consideration when it comes to large expenditure requests.  Schools who don't turn this form in, or wait until late fall, may need wait for reallocation money (available in January) before their request will be considered.

Requests for Perkins Funding

DUE:  No later than March 1st

Why March 1st:  This is the last date that we will accept request for review.  It is important that schools are not waiting until the last minute to get their requests in. Your items must be in hand by June 30th.  Getting your requests in early allows us to make sure approvals are received and you're notified in a timely fashion.


Receipts for purchases, conference or workshop registrations, travel, mileage, substitute teacher pay, and more are due should be turned in throughout the year, not just at the end of the year.

In order for us to get your districts reimbursed in a timely fashion, the sooner these are turned in, the sooner we can get you paid!

Mileage reimbursement and substitute teacher forms (if needed) can be found here.

Final receipts should be received by the Secondary Perkins Coordinator no later than June 30th.  

Only receipts for pre-approved purchases will be accepted.