Connecting Students & Teachers to CTE at Ridgewater

In partnership with the Mid-Minnesota Perkins Consortium, schools who may be interested in participating in a Teacher Take Over or bringing a CTE specific class to visit the Ridgewater College campus are encouraged to reach out to us to set up a time for a consultation and scheduling a visit.  Visit our Contact Us page for more information.

Teacher Take Over at Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart

teacher take over

Teachers who are new or are in need of an engaging opportunity for their students, working collaboratively with our faculty in your classroom might be an option!  

In past take overs, Ridgewater College faculty have met with the teacher in advance to discuss ideas or the specific needs that the teacher would like to explore.  College faculty then come out to the high school to provide more in-depth hands on activities for students to get additional experience.  

CTE Campus visit

Do you have a class that aligns with a program or career focus at Ridgewater College?  We'd love to have you connect with the college to discuss ways to bring your students to campus for a day of career exploration!  It is common for students to be undecided on their future career.  Career Exploration inventories are great ways to introduce options and pay scales, but it doesn't expose students to the hands-on, everyday activities that they'd be required to complete. Coming to campus allows our recruitment team and program faculty to introduce students to careers and courses.  

While our recruitment team participates in these events, these are not recruitment focused events.  The time on campus is all about exposure and connection.

While Allied Health careers are are most common exploration area, Ridgewater College is happy to discuss any additional areas that your students want to experience.