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careers serving the community

Law Enforcement

Visit with local police officers and sheriff deputies learning how they keep our communities safe.  See drones, SWAT team gear, police vehicles, crime scene investigation, meet with community officers, and maybe even meet the K-9 unit!


Students will get to tap into their creativity participating in make-and-take activities, similar to what early childhood teachers use in their classrooms! 


Self care is important for your wellbeing. Learn how Cosmetologists, Estheticians and Advanced Estheticians can help people care for their hair, skin, and nails.  You'll get to try some self care of your own as well!

human services

There are lots of careers that help members of our community.  Learn how you can help families and people who need assistance with things like housing, food, jobs, and more!

careers in visual arts and Computers


Go beyond the selfie!  Learn how to make a career out of photography while also trying your hand at some cool photography. 

Graphic Design

Take your art to the next level!  Learn how you can bring text, images, audio, and video to life!


Participants will get to use a powerful network simulation tool where you practice networking, IoT, and cybersecurity skills in a virtual lab!

careers in healthcare



(taking blood and running tests)






careers in Manufacturing

machine tool

Machine tool is more than "cutting stuff out of metal"!  Come meet with the faculty of this program to learn how everything we use today from cars, tools, appliances and more wouldn't be possible without machine tool technology!


Come learn how machines "see" and "read" information in order to help build some of the most common items you use each day!


Flames. Robots. Metal.  What more could you want?!  Explore welding and see a demonstration of a robotic welder and plasma cutter.

Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) is one of the most in-demand careers that tests materials and equipment to ensure it's quality and safety.  Students will get to use radiographs to see if items welded together are solid or have cracks and need repair.  You'll also get to play with magnetic particles and learn why they're important in this field.  You'll also get to see thermal imaging and what you look like using an infrared camera!


water treatment technology

Clean, safe water is important to the health and wellbeing of communities and the environment.  Students learn to identify, troubleshoot, and solve problems they might see in the water treatment process.


You will get to try your hand at building a lighting circuit that will work when completed using electrical boxes, wire, lighting, and a switch.  You'll also get to use tools used on the job by licensed electricians.

land surveying

Does designing & building sound super cool?  Come learn how land surveying is critical to building and construction.  You'll also get to spend time in the virtual sandbox trying out land survey tools!

careers in business & Marketing


Business skills are assets in nearly every career. Did you know that one in five employees engage in some form of marketing?  During your time you'll learn what goes into successfully marketing a product and get to try your hand at creating a brand product! 

Owning your own business: real estate

Real estate agents don't just sell houses.  They help make a buyer's dream come true!  Learn how real estate agents do their job, stage houses, and help buyers through the process!

Careers in auto mechanics and Auto Repair

Auto Mechanics

Come see how you can talk to a car using a hand held computer, take its temperature, tell it to cool off, check its memory and have it run faster.  You'll see how the latest technology is being used to help diagnose problems in today's automobiles.

Auto repair

Auto repair is more than fixing a broken bumper--repairing a car is another form of art!  Try your artistic skills using our virtual reality paint booth and see samples of what students have painted in previous classes.

careers in agriculture

veterinary technology

You'll get to learn more about a career as a veterinary technician.  Experience a hands on examination of one of our on-site animals, including stethoscope usage and how to keep your own pets happy and healthy.

Farm management

Come try your hand with crop management driving our John Deere Combine Simulator!  You'll also learn about different crop types in the area and how the science of agronomy is more than just growing crops!


You'll learn more about what it takes to be a meat cutter:  from butchers, game processing, and even working in larger processing plants.  


Ag mechanics is a high demand field and skill set.  If you like fixing things, this might be the place for you!  Try your hand at the high tech hydraulic table that will simulate mechanical problems