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5 Steps Info GraphicGreat for those who are new to Perkins or just need a refresher!

Can Perkins Cover That?  Every request has to be tied to Perkins V initiatives.  Check out the list to make sure your needs are a match!

The Spending GuidelinesProfessional development? Achievement Gaps?  Supplanting?  Read about all of that here!

Survey of Needs

The Survey of Needs is also known as the Local Planning Document.  Every April, high schools are asked to submit a proposed spending plan for the upcoming academic year.  We then use this to create a budget that is equitable across the consortium.  Click the links on the left to learn more on how to complete this document successfully!

Requesting perkins funds

To formally request Perkins funding, teachers are required to complete the Request for Perkins Funds for each item they want to purchase.  This form is then reviewed and checked against the Approved Program list (managed by MDE), Table C (managed by MDE), and the teachers license is also reviewed to match details on Table C.

NOTE: Schools who have submitted their Survey of Needs document by the April deadline will receive priority consideration when requests are submitted.  Schools who do not submit their Survey of Needs will still have their requests reviewed, but may have to wait until January when Perkins Reallocation Funding has been received.

5 Tips for Requesting Perkins FundsFriendly reminders to give you the best shot at getting the money!